May and June 2003 | Link this

I cashed in a boat load of frequent flyer points in the Spring of 2003 and hit Europe. It started out a just a hop back and forth on the Concorde (I'm an aviation nut), but the trip just kept growing. I spent a week each in London, Paris and on the Cote d'Azure, and spent a few days in New York City on my way home. Here's a few pictures of me along the way.

New York to London on the Concorde - thank you frequent flyer points!

Pub Lunch

Tower Bridge

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have moved those rocks...

The Roman Baths at Bath - Bete Midler used to play here.

Everyone's favorite erection.

On the Ile St. Louis

In front of the Louvre

On the Eiffle Tower

Travelling around town on L'Open

Sunset over the roofs of Paris

Lunch in Cap d'Ail

The Cote d'Azur

The Casino at Monte Carlo

In the Casino park

Overlooking the harbour from la Rocher

Anyone for a dip?

The Concorde back to New York

Me and the Flight Crew


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